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Who are Bombay Fashion Tailors?
  Bombay Fashion Tailors is a modern company providing suit hire, tailored suits and a full clothes alterations service in Visakhapatnam.
Established in 2006, Bombay Fashion Tailors provides high quality tailored garments at affordable prices and a wide range of traditional and contemporary formal wear outfits for weddings, proms, Ascot and Black Tie occasions.

What makes us unique?
  Aside from offering superior quality garments at excellent prices, we pride ourselves on our high standard of service and meticulous attention to detail.

  Bombay Fashion Tailors runs a 'by appointment' consultation service where clients have exclusive use of the 'lounge' and dressing rooms during consultations, adding to the overall experience and enabling us to focus on your requirements.

Bombay Fashion Tailors experience
  Bombay Fashion Tailors will offer suggestions, solutions and ideas, as well as listening to your own. You will find our years of experience as tailors beneficial throughout the entire process.

Our Services Are :
  • Expertly tailored suits and shirts
  • Tailored shirts for all occasions
  • A large selection of quality fabrics

Bombay Fashion Tailors process
  Once we have measured you for your garments, we can discuss the design in detail and how you would like them customised including the style and size of jacket lapels, your choice of lining, pockets, functional sleeve buttonholes, edge stitching, vents and of course the cut of the suit.

  The 'English Cut' is the classically British, 'waisted' look, which accentuates the form with strong shoulders and a fitted waist. This cut stands out from 'off the peg' suits which are can be shapeless and made to fit a mass market. Your suit jacket will have your initials embroidered into it as standard.

Wedding Out Fits :
  We have an excellent selection of traditional and contemporary wedding outfits for hire and can advise you on the most suitable outfit and colours to go with the rest of your wedding colour scheme.

Formalwear packages include:
  • Jacket
  • Standard Waistcoat
  • Trousers
  • Shirt
  • Neckwear
  • Hanky

Specialists in men's and ladies' clothing alterations :
  Bombay Fashion Tailors can take care of all of your clothing alteration requirements for both men's and ladies' garments.

  Fittings are carried out in the Bombay Fashion Tailors showrooms, with alterations completed by an experienced seamstress.

  Most items can be altered within a few days at very competitive prices.

  We also do the Embroidery Works For Chudidars and Sarees

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